Easy Effortless Fun Fluid Flowing
Easy Effortless Fun Fluid Flowing

Transurfing is a Scientific Model for Controlling Reality, a Technology,  allowing you to manage your personal choices in life to manifest.


With the knowledge of how, Transurfing functions, you will be able to make choices and manage your life, in effortless focused intention. 


Scientific methods and concepts from the series of books “Reality Transurfing” written by Russian, Quantum Physics Researcher, Vadim Zeland, are taught and applied in a safe and joyful workshop format.


The activities are designed to create permanent, effortless transformation of issues, related to all matters of your personal and professional life, affecting and creating, [Anger, Anxieties, Fears and Addictions].


As a Master of Reality you will directly influence situations and events according to your acquired knowledge, allowing you to paint a new canvas of Life. 


All the above might appear too simple and easy, almost unbelievable! However, it will not be necessary for you to just believe, because you will during the Reality Transurfing Workshops receive all the necessary information and tools to test and prove the claims here made. Only then, will your ordinary way of looking things fall apart and a new way of Thinking and Feeling will be established in your Life


Your Reality Transurfing in English Team sends you.

Love Joy Abundance