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Transurfing is, the Art and Science of knowing and managing one's own personal choices in life. 


With this knowledge of how the world around you operates, you will make choices and manage your life, in effortless focused intention. 


Scientific methods and concepts from the series of books “Reality Transurfing” written by Russian, Quantum Physics Researcher, Vadim Zeland, are taught and applied in a workshop format.


The activities are designed to create permanent, effortless transformation of issues, related to all matters of your personal and professional life. Involving aspects of anger, anxieties, fears, gender, sex, addictions and all types of stress related issues.


As a Master of Reality you will directly and positively influence situations and events, affecting  relationships in and around your World.


All the above might appear too simple and easy, almost unbelievable! However, it will not be necessary for you to just believe. You will receive all the necessary tools to test and prove the claims here made.


Your Transurfing Team sends you.

Love Joy Abundance



Transurfing for the Corporate.

With all due respect, CEO's and High end Managers need to take account of the fact that, how they do business is changing. Outdated methods are floundering. Lend an ear and we can get your business back on the Wave of Success.


Transurfing in the workplace actively contributes to the integration and development of staff relations, through using knowledge of practical methods directly related to existing working situations.


As a Corporation we can design and run workshops which are specific to the needs of the corporate entity. We do not run the conventional type of workshop based on outdated positive thinking and focused on competitive ideas.


Our stuff is about effortless, yes you read it correctly, effortless creation, with full awareness to present changes and a multitude of probabilities and opportunities to benefit the corporation, individuals as well as the greater whole of the Industry.


That is, holistic effective change based on scientific knowledge of how reality is created. There is no need to compete when you know that you are creating the universe and that there is an infinite abundance of possibilities and probabilities. We are fearless and will pass that state on to the workshop participants and on to your Corporation. Be on the Vanguard of change that is coming and will come, be prepared. (Hope you get our intention).


Our objective is to guide participants from theory to practice, of the Transurfing methods in the real business world, leading to achievement of success of the Corporate entity. This is real, easy to implement and very productive to your business.


A confident,empowered employee is a creative one and one who will help to make your business successful


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