Introduction to Reality Transurfing

What is the fundamental need of living beings? Survival and the instinct for self-preservation? This is the accepted stereotype, although it is not the correct answer.


Could it be the desire to reproduce? Again this is not the right answer. So, what is it then?


The primary need is to be able to independently manage our own lives. This is the fundamental principle underlying the behaviour of all living beings.


Everything else, including survival and reproductive instincts are a consequence of this main principle. In other words, the goal and purpose of all living beings is to control their reality.


However, it is impossible to control reality if the outside world exists independently of you and behaves in a totally uncontrollable or even hostile manner.


In Transurfing the concept of fate differs from other widely accepted interpretations. The difference is that in the Transurfing Model, a person can choose their happiness; they do not have to fight for it.


First ask yourself this question: Have you achieved much by battling with the world to find happiness? Each person will decide for themselves if they wish to carry on in the same vein or whether they would prefer using a different proven Model.


The purpose of the Practical Reality Transurfing Training is to:

  1. Find Life Purpose
  2. Directly Connect to Source
  3. Gain Reality Control
  4. Coordinate Chosen Goals
  5. Affirm Permanent Qualitative Life Script


If you can commit, and take this major step, then you can effortlessly experience your Choices become successful outcomes.

Allowing you to live a Life of:

  • Joy
  • Freedom
  • Gratitude
  • Prosperity

Welcome to Reality Transurfing