Welcome to the Reality Transurfing Model.

Reality Transurfing is a powerful Scientific Technology Model that allows you to do the most impossible things - (impossible, only from the stereotype point of view) - namely, to manage your destiny the way you choose.


There will not be any miracles, something greater is awaiting you. You will be convinced that this "unknown reality" is much more incredible than any magic tricks. Having acquired the knowledge of how material reality functions, you will make choices based in aware focused intention.


Scientific methods and concepts from the series of books “Reality Transurfing” written by the Russian, Quantum Physics Researcher, Vadim Zeland, are taught and practiced in a safe and professional manner. The activities are designed to create permanent, effortless transformation of issues, related to personal or professional life situations.


All the above might appear too simple and easy, almost unbelievable! However, it will not be necessary for you to just believe, because during the Reality Transurfing training you will receive all the necessary tools, enabling you to test and prove the claims here made.


Once again, we assure you, that we are not asking you to believe in the principle here described. Simply practice it and a new Way of Thinking, Feeling and Acting will permanently be established in your Life.


As a Reality Transurfing Master you will directly influence situations and events, allowing you to paint a powerful and positive new canvas of your Life according to your chosen script.


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