Transurfing XII Golden Pillars



Reality Transurfing reaffirms the Eternal Universal Truths and Laws by which our world functions, giving us a Model that we can intelligently use to attain Freedom to Choose our very own Unique Destiny.


Fernando M. Branco


All quotes can be found in Reality Transurfing Steps I-V Vadim Zeland
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1 The Space of Variations


According to the concept of the world as described in Reality Transurfing, reality has an infinite variety of forms of expression. This means that there is an informational structure that contains an infinite number of potential possibilities – variations of the material manifestation of the world and its way of operating, with its scenarios and decorations. The Space of Variations can be represented as a tree with an infinite number of branches and leaves, where each branch or life line (sector) refers to a specific parameter of manifestation






Vadim Zeland offers the idea that there is no time, it is just our consciousness that moves along the life lines in the space of variations, creating a focus of potentials that reveals in the material world a specific something and this is what we call reality


From here comes the First Golden Pillar of Reality Transurfing:

“The emission of the mental and emotional energy induces the material manifestation of that energy option”.


This means that the thoughts and feelings we are broadcasting, without us being aware, takes us (our material reality, our destiny) on to those life lines and sectors of the information field that literally meet our choice, albeit not consciously chosen. According to Reality Transurfing, we cannot change the script (meaning, we cannot fundamentally modify the sector of the space in which we move), but we are able to select a different scenario and move to other life lines, simply by changing the parameters of our thought/feeling emission.


There is no need to fight for a happy destiny; it’s enough to choose calmly the destiny your Soul chooses.


2 Pendulums


According to Reality Transurfing, in the metaphysical, invisible part of the world, exist energy information structures created by the thoughts of people thinking and feeling in the same direction. These structures called “Pendulum” or “Egregors”, are also known as Magnetic or Morphic fields.





Pendulums are “magnetic fields” or, in other words, the aggregate of group ideas and feelings, inherit in organization, by doctrines, laws or anything else built by us humans in the form of groups of fans, followers and supporters.


There are numerous pendulums. Pendulums can be cultural, religious, financial and political, they form part of structures such as families, country, race, corporate, industry, sport and so on. The pendulum may come into action during an event such as a football match. Many for us important material things are pendulum, for example the iPhone, money, the internet and social media, in fact pendulums are present and surround us constantly.


From the moment pendulums reach a critical mass they begin to live their own lives, subjecting the people involved in creating them to their own laws. They do not have intelligence as such, their sole goal is to obtain energy from supporters in order to maintain their existence, nothing strange about that since it is the universal law of self-maintenance.


The more followers the pendulum has feeding it, with their mental/emotional energy, the stronger and more powerful the pendulum becomes. When the number of followers of the pendulum decreases, its energy diminishes and it eventually disappears.


Most pendulums are inherently destructive or parasitical, because they are extracting energy from their followers, and establish their power over them.

Very destructive pendulums like the pendulum of war, disease, finance, disasters and drug cartels aggressively accuses anyone who does not support them, either it tries to attract the person on to its side or if that is not possible it neutralizes or eliminates them.

It does not matter whether you like something or hate it, if you are for it or against it. In either case you are swinging the pendulum, amplifying its power and feeding it on your thought and emotional energy, because either positive or negative energy, is all the same to a pendulum. Energy is what it lives on and needs to maintain itself!


Therefore the main task of the pendulum is to trap and hook the person, it does not matter how, as long as the person’s thoughts are engaged in thinking and feeling within the pendulum’s parameters. One of the most popular ways for the pendulum to access your energy is to get you out of balance. Being out of balance, you start to “wobble” in the frequency of the pendulum and to resonate with it.


The strongest hook the pendulum can get you with, is the emotion of fear. It also uses a multitude of other tricks like guilt, worry, anxiety and we can include inferiority complexes programmed into you from an early age, well the list would go on for ever.


The pendulum initially captures the attention of the people then it loops and adjusts their thoughts/feelings to its resonating frequencies of hate, anger or irritation for example. In this way the persons gives energy to the pendulum, and eventually is transferred into those life lines where what he wants to avoid, exists in abundance. The person begins to encounter everywhere they go, the things s/he actively does not want, constantly followed by what s/he is afraid of, hates and despises.


There are ways of getting out from the influence of a destructive pendulum: Do not fight it, judge it, and get angry or loose self-control. Fighting with a pendulum is useless, you will always lose by ending up giving it your energy.


Therefore, the second golden Pillar of Reality Transurfing is:

“To get rid of the pendulum, recognize its right to exist. Calmly refuse to get into conflict with it, become indifferent ignore it”.




3 The Wave of Success


Transurfing describes the wave of luck, as an accumulation of favourable tracks in the Space of Variations. The flow of success follows, only if you happened to be aware and inspired acknowledging the initial success.


The destructive pendulums will immediately try to lead you away from the wave of luck. Having freed yourself from the influence of the pendulums, you will experience and get the freedom of choice.


The third golden Pillar of Reality Transurfing:

“Accepting and issuing negative energy, you create your own hell. Receiving and radiating positive energy you create your own heaven”.


It is not enough avoiding negative energy. You, yourself should not radiate it. Cut yourself off from all bad news and open yourself up to any even tiny piece of good news. Notice and acknowledge the slightest positive changes and success, lovingly and carefully nurture it. They are the Harbingers of the Wave of Success.




















4 Excess Potential


According to Reality Transurfing, Excess Potential is created by directing mental energy to any object, situation or anything you think/feel about and give it an excess of importance, for example when we start to evaluate, compare, and distort reality by characterizing a situation or object with having overly negative or positive qualities.


Excess Potential being imperceptible, nevertheless plays a major and insidious role in people’s lives. As a result Balancing Forces come into action in order to bring situations into equilibrium, therefore difficulties, obstacles and problems arise, their effect, often contrary to the intention of the creator of the excess potential.


We can describe all excess potentials in one simple word importance. Importance represents the purest form of excess potential, in order for the Balancing Forces to bring equilibrium, they create obstacles for the person who created the excess potential.

From this we get the fourth Golden Pillar of Transurfing:

“To live in harmony, get free from pendulums and freely fulfil our intended purpose, we need to reduce the importance”.


Reducing importance, you get to a state of equilibrium where the pendulums will have no control over you, because they cannot operate in emptiness. This doesn’t mean that you have to become a senseless statue, on the contrary you just need to change your thinking from competitive to Creative, stop fighting with the world around you, remembering only the fact that you have the right to simply choose.


Excess Potential



Dissatisfaction self-blame

Aggravation of deficiencies

Develop your uniqueness

Judgment of the world

Reduces influencing power


Idealizing people or objects


Unconditional love

Power addiction contempt  

Living unpleasant life tracks

Confidence self-trust

Excess of lazy want desire

The more want the less have

Have-Act in pure Intention

Guilt expecting punishment

Manifesting of punishing acts

Courage self-acceptance

Worship of power or money

Financial tracks full of lack

Set goal - money follows

Fear of poverty and death

Life full of misery and illness

Trust Source - The Real You

5 Induced Transition






Reality Transurfing concepts says that every person creates with thoughts/feelings a layer of the world, in which they then live. Emotional response to a negative event induces a transition to a negative life line (pulling them into the funnel of the pendulum).


Actively being interested in any negative information, expressing emotional response to negative news or events, people unconsciously attract similar negative vibration situations into their life and at some point, from an objective observers point of view they become a participant of the “nightmare”. The most common funnels of destructive pendulums are wars, disasters, unemployment, epidemics, and others.


To not get pulled into the funnel of a destructive pendulum we use the fifth Golden Pillar of Transurfing:

“Leave all negative information outside your layer of the world, deliberately ignore it”.


You don’t have to be afraid or try with all your might to avoid the negative, and certainly not fight it, you need to be indifferent, free of judgement.

“Rent Yourself Out”



6 Rustle of the Morning Stars






According to the knowledge of Reality Transurfing, the material reality we call our lives, owes its existence from life lines in the Space of Variations. Depending on our thought/feeling and actions these sectors are illuminated and fulfilled.


The Soul has access to this field of information and can perceive unrealized sectors, it subtly intuits what lies ahead and has not become reality as yet. The soul knows what will happen, a good or bad event, the mind is able to interpret the feelings coming from the soul as intuitive emotional comfort or discomfort. We call this (“The Rustle of the Morning Stars”) and it can greatly help us in our lives steering us gently towards our very own goals.


From this we get the sixth Golden Pillar of Transurfing:

“We need to feel/listen to our mental sensation. If you have to convince yourself, then, the soul says “no”.


Making a choice or taking any decision, listen to the quiet inner voice of your Soul. It will help you to avoid dealing with negative life lines and it will always suggest the right choice.











7 The Flow of Variations


In his book Reality Transurfing Steps I-V, Vadim Zeland highlights the two extremes of behaviour in our daily life situations: we drift aimlessly like a paper boat, or feverish rowing against the tide, persistently insisting on our own limited mind set.


Moving along the first path, people beg for their fate, addressing their requests either to the pendulum or to some higher powers. In this case the person does not assume the responsibility and flounders aimlessly in the inner importance.


If a person is not satisfied with the role of Beggar, he may choose the second alternative: playing the role of Victim, that is, to complain and demand what s/he supposedly deserves, this justifies the role of the Warrior turning his/her life into a continuous struggle and fight with the pendulums and Balancing Forces, attempting to change the world. From the Reality Transurfing point of view, all these strategies are absolutely ridiculous.


Transurfing offers a completely other very simple yet effective way: do not ask, do not demand and do not fight, just go and take it, meaning, express your clear intention, identify the unique purpose, begin to move your feet on the way to the goal”.


The flow of variations is usually the path of least resistance. In the alternatives space there exist all the possibilities, as a guide, the optimal outcomes are more likely to be realized using less energy consuming options.







The 7th Golden Pillar of Transurfing answers the question of how to improve our efficiency of energy spending in our daily lives. It can be formulated as follows:

“According to the principle of going with the flow, all you need is to choose the most easy and simple way of reaching the goal”.


When you make a decision, your mind makes a choice based on a logical reasoning. However, the mind, being under the pressure of stress, worry, depression, undue importance and exertion, does not always choose the right way of action. Often, it complicates the situation. The right solution always lies on the surface, it’s usually the easiest conclusion.


In confusing and uncertain situations the best thing to do, is to get in harmony with the surrounding world and by being Aware rely on the flow of variations. This is not about turning into a will-less paper boat floating on the waves, it is not about splashing and beating the water with your hands, it is enough doing smooth, easy and effortless moves on your way.




Riding on the Flow of Variations (options), you need to calmly accept possible deviations from your limited mind script “scenario”, at the same time paying attention to the “signs”. Life lines are different one from each other by their quality.


Signs or Omens, appear in the moment of transition to another life line. Signs can be beneficial in supporting us to navigate through life. Sometimes it may feel as if something is wrong, a state of emotional discomfort is a clear sign. Awareness is vital to notice transitions to lifelines beneficial to your Purpose

8 Intention


In Transurfing, the transition to the desired sector of space of variations, it’s happening not because of what we think about or because of what we desire, but because of the unshakeable Pure Intention. Pure Intention is the determination to have and act. The intention does not reason on whether the goal is achievable or not. Pure Intention means that the goal has been set, the decision to implement it has already been taken, so it remains only to act.


Vadim Zeland splits the concept of intention into two types:


Inner intention – is doing something through your own will power, influence the world, focusing on the process of your movement towards the goal, (“I insist on the fact that such and such”).


Outer intention – means choosing life lines from the space of variations and allowing them to spontaneously manifest. It is the green light of the self-realization of the chosen option, focusing on how the goal is being realized (“circumstances themselves are such…”). Outer intention does not have to be all about paranormal phenomena. In day to day life we constantly come up against the results of outer intention. Outer intention is the force or mechanism that causes either our misgivings or our higher purpose to be realized in the physical.






Because the dynamics of outer intention function independently of our will, we do not necessarily realize what is happening. It is much harder to work with the force of outer intention that it is to work with personal inner intention. To benefit from Outer Intention you need to be without doubt walking towards your goal.


If the inner intention represents the determination to act, then the external intention is rather the determination to have.


External intention does not appear as a result of voluntary efforts, but it appears as a consequence of the Unity of the Soul and Mind, also called Pure Intention. In order to be able to use External Intention, there is a need to free yourself of excess potential and keep a conscious observation of your actions and not allow pendulums to gain control over you.


Eighth Golden Pillar of Transurfing can be summarized as follows:

“The inner intention (our effort) should be directed towards the unity of the soul and mind regarding the chosen goal. The choice is fulfilled using External Intention, through the intention to have, and by our certainty and focus of attention on how the goal is being fulfilling by itself“.





It only remains to add that Unity of Soul/Heart and mind in regards to the Purpose (goal, desire) is what we identify as the feeling of clarity without words, knowledge without doubt, confidence without hesitation.

9 Slides


The Slide represent one of the key concepts of Transurfing. The Slide is a product of the imagination, a distorted picture of reality.


Our opinions about ourselves and about the world around us often is formed through slides that are imbedded in our limited mind, but absent in others.


The Slide develops when you create excess potential concerning what others think about you. They work as a magnifier of our defects”. When the slide is negative and full of importance, the person will be transferred to the sector in the space of variations where these negative aspects are manifesting in full force turning human life into hell.


To get rid of negative slides it is necessary to reduce importance and get rid of the program about conforming to stereotypes of society.



Ninth Transurfing Golden Pillar states:

“Make yourself a positive slide, pleasant to your heart/soul and mind. Do not treat the slide as a still image, you need to bring it alive like a movie, living and acting in it”.


Practice it as often as you can experience the feeling of already living the reality of your slide, observe your slide and keep adding new details here and there, above all enjoy the fun of such magical moments.


Your slide should be just yours and not someone else’s copy. Place in your positive slide all the things that will bring you the feelings of Joy, Gratitude, Health and Prosperity.


The positive slides attract incredible life lines (tracks) into your manifestation field. Allow yourself the luxury of being worthy of the very best. Allow information from the world of your dreams to become part of your slide.

10 Visualization


According to Reality Transurfing, focusing our attention on the goal, as an already accomplished fact, we expand on our comfort zone meaning we gain in confidence as to our ability to interact and manage Outer Intention in a conscious way.


Focusing the attention on the movement towards the goal represents Pure Intention. It is not only the contemplation of the goal that moves you towards it, but it is the living visualization of the progress towards the goal that gets it to you.





The Tenth Transurfing Golden Pillar can be formulated as follows:

“Visualization of the process towards the goal – is the mental visualization and emotional connection to the present part of the manifestation on the way to goal fulfilment”.


We need to direct our thoughts in a certain way: think about the current stage, imagining as it is already happening, enjoy it, get interested in everything connected with it.


If you still do not know how your goal can be realized, it is fine just continue calmly, joyfully and systematically performing the visualization of the slide. When your goal will fully enter your comfort zone (it will no longer seem inaccessible by the limited mind set). External Intention will then show you a suitable track or door.

11 Soul Freiling


Each soul has its own unique “star” sectors (its path of self-realization).


To get on these sectors, you must stop the attempts to be like someone else, to repeat programed scripts and recognize the magnificence of your own individuality.


Have the audacity to turn the attention of your mind to its unique and exclusive soul. Do not be afraid to break stereotypes of pendulums, shouting: “do as I do” and “be like everyone else”.


Every human being has a unique soul and set of parameters that characterizes it – it’s the Soul’s Freiling. Freiling is subtle – it is buried beneath the facade of the intellect.


When the mind is tuned to the Freiling of the soul, the man loves himself, lives in harmony, doing what he likes, being satisfied, feeling like an inner light comes out of him.


This is the secret of the charming beauty, charisma and attractiveness of a person the harmonious relations between the mind and soul.


Pendulums are trying to divert us from this equilibrium, setting their own standards of prestige and success, their favourite dishes is the energy of “dissatisfaction, envy, fear, hate and resentment.”




Therefore the eleventh Transurfing Golden Pillar is:

“Freiling of your soul – is the Holy Grail, which is within you. In order to set up the mind to the Freiling of the soul, you need to convince your mind that the Soul is worthy of love in the very first place“.


Lovingly care for and treat yourself respectfully. Allow yourself the audacity of blanking the system, stereotypes and pendulums. Express the right to have your own unique and great personality.

12 Goals and Doors


One of the biggest misconceptions imposed by pendulums, is that we should fight for happiness, persevere to overcome all obstacles, generally speaking struggle to survive and win a place under the sun.


Reality Transurfing tells us that happiness either exists here and now, on the current life line, or it does not exist at all.


From this statement flows the twelfth Golden Pillar of Transurfing:

“Happiness comes while you are moving to the goal through your own door.”


Your goal is something that gives you a feeling of fulfilment, which gives you a sense of joy and celebration of life. Your door is the path to your goal where you feel passion and inspiration.


There is only one way to find your Purpose: Release importance, turn away from pendulums and seek from within the Unity of Soul and Mind. Reflecting about the goal, we should not think about its prestige, inaccessibility and ways to achieve it.


Ask yourself a question and pay attention only to your state of comfort/discomfort: What is it that your Soul really wants and what will turn your life into a joyous holiday?


Achieving one’s own Purpose is over and above the satisfaction of all other desires, which results will exceed all your expectations.


Transurfing warns us about the danger of choosing someone else’s imposed goals. Someone else’s goal, is always self-violence, compulsion, and obligation. Others goals always appears in the guise of fashion and prestige often linked with its inaccessibility.


The path to a foreign goal is always a struggle. Moving towards someone else’s goal always leaves the joy of a holiday, in the distant future. Accomplishing foreign goals brings disappointment and emptiness.


Other people’s goals are imposed to us by system of pendulums. It is necessary to break away from stereotypes and release them from your unconscious limited mind.


If while achieving your goal, you want to prove something to yourself and everyone else, it means it is not your real goal. If when taking a decision your heart feels uncomfortable, it also means that this is not your goal. The feeling of discomfort is felt by the mind as an oppression or burden manifesting in the background of the optimistic intellectual reasoning of the limited mind.












In conclusion the fundamental principles of the Transurfing Golden Pillars are:






·       Listen to the voice of your Soul and bring into Unity your Heart and Mind.

·       Tune out of pendulums that impose alien purposes.

·       Make good use of what life offers you this very moment.

·       Be Grateful to Source, the Real One in your system.

·       Be Courageous, choose your unique path and follow it with appropriate actions.

·       Radiate and share Free Energy in Unconditional Love

·       Be Confident that everything will Succeed.


Transurfing certainly does not pretend that it is showing the complete picture of the world. It does not get involved in disclosing the nature of our Soul, or the purpose of its coming to earth and the further existence after life.


Many of the principles proposed by Reality Transurfing may be already familiar to us under other names. However, Reality Transurfing reaffirms the existing Universal Truths and Laws by which our world functions, giving us a Model that we can intelligently use to attain Freedom to Choose our very Unique Destiny.


An as always we suggest you to read and re-read Reality Transurfing Steps I-V by the author of this Reality Model, Vadim Zeland.



Document by Fernando M. Branco