My Purpose is to share with the entire world the power of our thoughts and feelings.

Ideally as a Reality Transurfing Trainer I want to initiate a dialogue with you regarding your intention to be here at this very moment. I'm passionate about the study of the human condition so that the Mental and Emotional aspects and capacities of the individual can be understood both with the mind and heart. Only then will expansion of our horizons of mind and feeling can be explored in absolute certainty that we can achieve all of our goals and dreams.


I have been there where multitudes of people stand today. Full of unrealized hopes and dreams, overloaded with an avalanche of information of many available present day theories lacking in practical orientation  to be found on the Internet.


While practicing Natural Medicine In the year 2008 I came across Reality Transurfing written by Vadim Zeland, after reading the complete book series and  as he suggests putting it into practise my life started to feel like, I had something to do with it. I realized I had a choice.


This impressed me so much that I decided to promote Reality Transurfing by getting involved in the publishing of the books into other languages. Confidently I followed my heart’s desire to form the Transurfing International Academy and share my knowledge and enthusiasm as a Leading Trainer of Transurfing.


I believe that we all have unique qualities, my particular quality is to pass on the commitment energy that allows for the concrete foundation of the Reality Transurfing Model or Technology to be firmly grounded into the clients system and never to be forgotten.


I focus on quality rather than quantity, like Vadim says “The great mystery is still secret just because it is incredibly simple” and at this type of energy transmission training I’m indeed very good! If you choose to go beyond the Law of Attraction, are interested in Self Development and Training, above all if you love the practical aspect of this Model of Reality, then you are at home here. To start you can download my free offer here: “TRANSURFING AND THE LAW OF ATTRACTION, and THE 16 GUIDING CONCEPTS OF TRANSURFING”.


Practice what I teach here and get in touch to tell me what great results you are having thanks to these freely shared strategies and techniques.


My promise to you is to give much more than could ever be expected of me. Surprise yourself, go ahead and download the free offer.



This Reality Model is not for the type of person that loves reading and does not practice. I love to be surrounded by people committed and intent in action, I imagine you are one of these people and therefore give you a warm welcome, I’m very delighted that you are here!

Thank you for your time and interest

Joy Gratitude Abundance be with you always.

Fernando M. Branco

Practice and Enjoy!
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