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The New Book is here!

What is this book about? Its published both as an e-Book and Paperback. Like the title suggests, it concisely puts together all the original five books from the series Reality Transurfing.


The translation is much improved and it is a real pleasure to read.


The Reality Transurfing books have aroused great interest among the young and middle-aged and those who are interested in philosophy, psychology, physics and the mysteries of human consciousness.


Also the separate Volumes 4 and 5 and the Workbook 78 Days Practical Transurfing are also currently available and easily attainable.


Reality Transurfing Books In English

CD Audio Version
CD Audio Version




Audiobook, Reality Transurfing Volume I The Space of Variations is now available. A really well done production CD Version!

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Reality Transurfing
Book Cover by Arina-Art London
Story Behind the Russian Book Cover
Written by Arina Gordienko
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