Transurfing put into practice



«Transurfing was one of the most valuable gifts I received. I read it years back and couldn't understand it. Thought it was mambo jumbo lunatic stuff. Now, I know that madness is the heart of sanity

Thank you Fernando».

Bander Althaqil 


«Dear Fernando, you have help me to my right path. Now am doing great things with less effort , I would not have imagined how life is ease and joyful, without this knowledge. God bless you».

Hanan, SA


«Strange as it sounds, Transurfing really works! It’s amazing! Some things which have begun to happen with me can only be called miraculous. I never would have thought that such things were possible! ». Incognit


 «Thank you so very much. I am very grateful for this and for all of what Transurfing has helped me awaken to». P. Lewis. Longwood, Florida, USA


«A mass of impressions! I feel some sort of childish delight, that I can begin to understand things, about which earlier I could only guess at».


«I want to say that it works! It’s unbelievable! I don’t remember a time when I was so sure that everything would turn out exactly the way I wanted. Everything will be simply as it needs to be».

B. Hamilthon, Cleveland, USA


«I saw happiness around me, and it is growing and growing now every day! Strange, it was always around me, I simply didn't notice it». Incognit


«I have to tell you that I was looking for such a book all my life. It describes, as it were, the mutual relationships between my soul and my intellect». Pamela Nieuwoudt, Johannesburg, South Africa.


«I can’t get rid of the feeling that I can move mountains. That everything is possible. Some kind of unknowing sensations, I feel joy in everything, as a child. Words fail to describe everything that I am feeling». N. Bennett, London, UK