World Wide Training


Bio: Quantum Energetic Medicine, Nutrition. Dipl. Homeopath. LCPH, FBIH, MANME. Leading Reality Transurfing Trainer for English Language Worldwide.

Post Graduate: Advanced Self Development Strategies - EXEGESIS - NLP - EMDR - PXT - Fractal Homeopathy - SCIO BIOFEEDBACK - NUTRITION. 

Mission: Reality Transurfing is a powerful and very effective training Model were we use scientific proven methods, techniques and concepts based on the book Reality Transurfing Steps I-V, written by Russian Quantum Physics Researcher, Vadim Zeland.


Reality Transurfing Knowledge by Russian, Quantum Physics Researcher and Author, Vadim Zeland, is taught and applied in an easy to practice format of in depth guidelines and techniques that have a permanent and lasting effect in your daily practical life supporting you to effortless manifest your chosen Goals.